Mindfields for Innovators

You have an idea of a new product, technology, design – offer them to the suitable Company registered on Mindfields for the embodiment of your project in life.

How to implement the idea?

Register on Mindfields as the Innovator, find the suitable Company, send them your project and implement your ideas jointly.

Publish your works on Mindfields, describe the professional opportunities to draw the attention of the Companies to you, who interested in such ideas and projects.

Typically, Innovators looking for an investor. However, why should you look for money, if production capacity, employees, organizational competence eventually needed? All this stuff is existed in the Companies. They need your ideas for successful grow.

Collaboration on the project with the existing enterprise is an alternative to attract investor's funds, which gives advantages:

1. Less investment is required.
Enterprises have the production capacity, facilities, personnel, organized production and administrative processes needed to create your product.

2. The presence of the Company's own funds.
Company may finance your project.

3. Available credit resources.
Enterprises usually have an ability to attract credit resources with more favorable conditions than the start-ups. This will be very useful in case your project will require additional money.

Companies registered on Mindfields, are searching interesting projects. You can find suitable Company for your project and offer them cooperation.
Mindfields maximizes this help. First we protect you as the author of ideas and of intellectual activity. We created a system that allows you to create legally relevant agreements to ensure your intellectual property rights.

If you interested in selling your project or you want to find a customer and create a project for it, then Mindfields lets you do this: find the Company and conclude an agreement convenient for you.

More details: How to use Mindfields.

Good luck!