Mindfields for Companies

Create a new product, come up with technology to make the best design - it is difficult. It takes time, talented professionals. Not everyone is able to create something new and relevant.

On Mindfields you will find talented Innovators with interesting ideas. There are a ready-made solutions and the possibility to work with your projects.

By creating a page for your business on Mindfields, you will attract the attention of Innovators, designers, and other professionals. They will be able to offer you development and projects for joint implementation.Mindfields - external technologies, new products and ideas.
Use this service as a component of the research department and development of your Company. You can expect new proposals. Also you can publish your problems for Innovators.
Try to search on the site for a suitable Innovator and send him an offer of cooperation.

Cooperation with Mindfields offers advantages:

1. New developments without increasing staff.
Complete permanent innovation process without an increase in staff engineering / research units.

2. The availability of an unlimited range of ideas from talented Innovators.
Projects of new products from a large number of enterprising people - high probability of effective proposals.

3. Promotion of information about the Company and products / services.
Placing information about your Company, products, technological capabilities on a dedicated website.

4. Search for qualified employees.
Perhaps someone from registered on Mindfields Innovators will be invited to work in your Company.

Mindfields allows you to find partners for new projects and formalize the relationship by concluding a contract.

More: How to use Mindfields.

We invite you to enjoy all the features Mindfields!