«NPF «Gidromekhanika» Ltd

Foundation year: 1989
  • Activity field: Research and development in science and technology;


Russia, Novosibirskaya Oblast, Novosibirsk, Mira st. 26, mailbox 10

Products and services:

«NPF «Gidromekhanika» provides commercial services of development of technologies and new equipment, solution of research problems, technical (technological) consulting, project management (technical support of projects) and complex engineering.

«NPF «Gidromekhanika» performs services of complex engineering, including:

- development of investment projects and business plans.

- selection of technologies and optimal equipment.

- design and modernization of production lines, sites, workshops and factories (including metallurgical).

- development of project documentation.

- purchase and installation of equipment.

- carrying out commissioning.

- preparation and organization of production.

- organization of maintenance and operation of industrial facilities.

- organization of warranty and post-warranty service, etc.


There are some innovative engineering developments in this section, and also technical proposals that we prepared at the requests of various enterprises. The information is intended for our potential partners. If you have a similar order, use this material, and also expect our engineering support.

Technology and equipment for a deep tamping of soil


Non-explosive method of mining of granite by means of hydraulic hammer M-20A


Technology for the destruction of reinforced concrete by means of hydraulic hammer M-2


Electro-hydraulic power regulator DSP (RTP) of type "servofaza"

Proposal for ore recovery furnaces for the Far East

Annex 1, Annex2

Energy efficiency of large unit power equipment