Aytek Ltd

Foundation year: 2005
  • Activity field: ; Information technology;



Products and services:

1. Complex information-technical support (IT outsourcing) - http://aitech.ru/infrastructure/

2. Programming and development of web-systems, development of concept design, mobile applications

3. A website and a mobile application development

4. Search optimization, Internet-advertising and marketing, search promotion of sites. http://www.seo.ru

5. Integration and development of IT solutions, automation of business and trading activities, electronic document flow.

6. Solutions based on ART-TRADE software - http://solutiontrade.ru

ART-TRADE A full-function system of automation of wholesale and retail.

EDI-ART An electronic document flow system.

DATA-ART An electronic catalog of goods. Master Data.

ART-POS A cash solution.

ART-WAREPOINT A control system of shipment and acceptance of goods.

C-TRADE A cloud solution for a shop and a warehouse automation.

ART-EGAIS A solution for wholesale and retail.

7. Electronic price tags for retail - http://hanshow.ru/