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Mindfields – Internet service for interaction of the people having the ideas or developments of new products / services, technologies, designs, works of art, and the Companies interested in development of the business or creation new.

Creation new, improvement of existing – is difficult and in many respects creative work. This is a difficult way from the idea to its embodiment, on which there are many problems. On Mindfields many of them stop being an obstacle.

You will find new opportunities on Mindfields.

Any Company aiming to find the perspective ideas for implementation can become the partner of Mindfields and have an opportunity to receive offers for joint implementation from a wide range of Innovators. Internet-service is useful not only to industrial enterprises, but also for those Companies which render services. Always there will be ideas and developments for the service industry.

The initiative, creative, thinking people with the ideas of new products or improvements of the existing, with developments of new technologies, designs, forms, decisions, with offers in the field of services can find on Mindfields equal partners for implementation its ideas. The Companies presented on Mindfields are ready to become such partners. They are waiting for your suggestions!

It is ability to implement the ideas in the different ways. Mindfields offers one of them: mutually beneficial cooperation the Innovator and the Company. Mindfields provides the capabilities, which are most promoting the idea embodiment.

In more detail: how to use Mindfields.

We invite you on Mindfields!