What to do on Mindfields?

Mindfields helps Innovators and Companies to realize the ideas, products and services; to implement the development of new technologies, designs, product forms.

Create your own page on Mindfields as an Innovator or Company.

Meet with the Companies registered on Mindfields, with their production capacity, products, and services.

Create your own design of new products, services, technologies, designs, product forms. Offer them to Companies registered on Mindfields for joint implementation and with the division of the profit from such projects.

Find partners for your Company among Innovators or other Companies.

Talk about your products / services: Mindfields allows bright and detailed presentation of your product to consumers.

Mindfields creates the conditions for a safe, profitable and convenient cooperation Innovators and Companies.

Enclose using Mindfields contracts on joint activities, licensing agreements, confidentiality agreements, and not only.

Use Mindfields as the usual social network.

Communicate with other members Mindfields.

Even if you do not offer ideas to implement, you can still use all features on Mindfields.

More details: How to use Mindfields.

Create new products and technologies!