Yashin Vladimir

  • Age: 75 years old


A hydro-jet engine for boats in hanging or stationary version (know-how).

A transformer, or an autotransformer, or a tore choke for the power supply to equipment: a new construction of that things using secondary resources, construction simplicity of a winding and making (know-how).

A line transformer with an isolated electromagnetic field for the transmitting of electric power 50Hz (know-how).

A wire for the transmitting of electric power in an energy saving mode (know-how).

A line of heating with a thermopile without expensive alloys for heating elements (know-how).

A device of a sparkless connection of equipment to a power supply network of 50 Hz. That device with a simple construction, with protection of equipment from extra electric current (know-how).

A moisture measuring device (the arrow device) with a sensitive element made from well-known industrial material used for a new purpose (know-how).

A reducer based on serial bearings (know-how).

A new building material "Kalmaoxynytal-20" and "400" for the manufacture of artificial stone in molds, puttying of cracks, the manufacture of small architectural forms and products reinforced with steel. This material making from natural mineral raw (know-how).

Business game "Rubik Bank Express" in the form of a game table based on the Rubik's Cube. The manufacture of this business game is conveniently at furniture factories (know-how).

A concrete mixer for the preparation of solutions and mixtures in construction and household construction. This concrete mixer is quickly dismountable and retractable; it doesn`t need electricity (know-how).

A combinatorial power regulator for active loads, using for lighting lamps, soldering irons and other heating devices. That regulator has a smooth rise in power and a sparkless switching that does not cause interference and power surge in a power supply network. The regulator is easy to manufacture (know-how).

An accumulator for an emergency light source with salt electrolyte made from secondary resources. Charging time is 20 sec. at U = 12V. Usefull for drivers for moving of lighting to any place when there are no other possibilities. That accumulator with a simple construction (know-how).

A gas turbine mini power plant with a buffer accumulator made from serial components (know-how).

Wind power station for boats with electric drive. Electricity is always on board, stored in batteries (know-how).

And other.