Smartdome .


At Smartdome, we aim to develop affordable, multi-functional, mobile and modular housing units that can be installed on any surface, even degraded land. Employing bionic construction principles, our design is nothing less than a pioneer in the field of environmental housing alternatives. When we started this company, we wanted to create unique products that inspire people to recognize the true beauty of the natural world. With smartdomes, we truly believe that we have designed something different and beautiful - something that enhances any environment, be it mountains, beaches, treetops, or lakes, without polluting or degrading natural resources. For us, it has never been a matter of simply building a functional product, with smartdomes, we aim to inspire.

Smartdomes are completely modular and do not require heavy-duty installation with trucks or cranes. Because of this, they can be easily added or removed often without requiring any special permitting. They can be placed on degraded areas that might otherwise be unusable (eg. on tilting or rocky terrains, forests, water, unstable soil...) giving these areas new value and functionality.

Our aim is to develop new method of living in the coutry, combining technical efficiency with careful treatment of resources and nature alike.


partners to implement our projects: construction of Smartdome complexes in picturesque and unique natural places.



Our available products: