Making the Contracts on Mindfields

Making the Contracts on Mindfields is available in the section "Projects" to registered Users.

Mindfields allows to formalize any variant of relationship of the Innovator and Company in the form of the relevant agreement:

˅ joint work on the project
˅ the order of the Company to the Innovator to create the development
˅ creation by the Company and Innovator of joint venture
˅ sale by the Innovator its project to the Company (alienation)
˅ transfer by the Innovator its right to use of the project to the Company (license).

Whatever one you choose, we recommend to conclude a Confidentiality agreement with the Company before sending information to it about your project.

The administration of Mindfields at the request of Users signs with them the Confidentiality agreement and a guarantees of copyright. Thereby we guarantee preserving of information confidentiality about Users projects. But also without signing of such agreement our obligation not to disclose data on projects and not to use them is enshrined in Rules for use by the website Mindfields which are the agreement with Users.

It is possible to sign the Contracts and the Confidentiality agreement directly through Mindfields. Or you can use Mindfields for making the agreements, and sign them on paper.