Creation of Projects

Innovators can send the projects with the offer on cooperation for implementation of the developments to the Companies by using Mindfields. It is possible to make it on the personal page of the Innovator in the section Projects.

The main thing that it is necessary to know about interactions of Innovators and Companies on Mindfields:

Mindfields attaches special significance to protection of the rights of the Innovator: helps to keep confidentiality of its developments and to protect the author's rights.

It is performed by means of the conclusion of the Confidentiality agreement and a guarantees of copyright on Mindfields.

The Confidentiality agreement means that the project information transferred within correspondence on Mindfields or any other method (for example, by e-mail or the post) is protected from disclosure and illegal use.

The agreement, among other things, provides prohibition to implement or use intellectual property of the Innovator without its consent and participation.

The Confidentiality agreement is tripartite: Innovator, Company and Administration of Mindfields are its participants.

The Innovator can send the Agreement to the Company together with the project. In this case project information will be available to the Company only after its signing.

Mindfields allows:

- to create and send materials about the project (any files) to the chosen Company

- to prepare and sign the Confidentiality agreement and guarantees of copyright between the Innovator, the Company and the Mindfields Administrators (at the discretion of Users the Mindfields Administrators can not be party to the agreement)

- to discuss the project by means of correspondence between the Innovator and the Company

- to create and sign this or that agreement of cooperation between the Innovator and Company for project implementation.

Creation of the new Project

Creation of the new Project provides input of primary information:

- name of the Project
- choice of the Company
- preparation of the Confidentiality agreement. This option not obligatory during creation of the Project; the agreement can be issued in any of the subsequent stages of the project
- essence and project description

Creation of the new Project comes to the end with pressing the button "save". As a result the Project remains in the section "Draft copies" for further preparation. Sending the Project to the Company at this stage is not performed. After pressing the button "save" the main window of the Project opens.

Completion of preparation of the Project; sending to the Company

In the main window of the Project there are all subsequent work with the Project is carried out, information on the made actions is displayed, all project materials are stored.

You can return to a window of creation of the Project according to the reference "Edit the Project". It in particular will allow to edit the field "Description" ("An essence and the description"), and also to change the chosen Company.

At the end of preparation of the Project the following actions are available to you:

- preparation and signing the Confidentiality agreement
- preparation and signing the Contracts of cooperation
- loading of any files describing development
- preparation of the letter for the Company (field "Your Comments to Files")
- sending Project of the Company

The listed actions can be made in any order, or skipping any of them. Compulsory provision: sending the Project to the Company is possible only after entering your message into the field "Your Comments to Files". Format, volume of such message are free. This condition is created in order that the Company received not only the description of your development, but also the comments allowing to understand easily materials.

It is possible to sign the Contract of cooperation and the Confidentiality agreement directly through Mindfields. Or you can use Mindfields for preparation of agreements, and sign them on paper.

The most typical option of interaction of the Innovator and Company:

1. The Innovator on the personal page on Mindfields in the section Projects creates information on development and the Confidentiality agreement:
- in the field "Essence and Description" specifies subject of the project and the appeal to the Company (for example, interaction option on project implementation: providing to the Company the license for the development or alienation for benefit of the Company of the rights to development, etc.)
- makes out and signs the Confidentiality agreement
- loads materials about development
- in the field "Your Comments to Files" specifies important aspects about the loaded materials and the appeal to the Company.

2. The Innovator sends the Project to the Company.

3. The Company considers summary of the project of the Innovator and in case of interest signs the confidentiality agreement.
The Company and the Innovator at this stage can correspond through Mindfields, for example, about terms of Confidentiality agreement.

4. After signing the Confidentiality agreement the Company gets access to project materials.
The parties can correspond, discussing details of the project and possible cooperation.

5. In case of interest of the Company and the Innovator in project implementation, they prepare the Contract of cooperation and sign it.
And they implement the project!

You can act in other order, skipping or changing the sequence of some of the specified steps.