Katapult d.o.o.

Foundation year: 2016
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Slovenia, Gabrsko 12, 1420 Trbovlje, Slovenia

Appeal to the innovators:

Katapult is an incubator for innovators developing technological (physical) products.

Location: the city of Trbovlje (Slovenia).

Katapult was founded by the Slovenian company DEWESoft (https://dewesoft.com), which produces high-tech measuring systems and sells them worldwide.

Katapult looks for innovators creating technological (physical) products who need help going from the prototype stage to a finished product. We help them set up manufacturing and testing. The incubator can help novice innovators and young companies to accelerate the development of their projects. Innovators and young companies will be able to get all the necessary assistance to complete the development of a product and launch production and sales of it. Katapult can provide:

creation of manufacturing

mentoring, counseling

sales network of existing companies

administration & accounting

grants application

finance receiving

staff searching


other ...

How Katapult was born: one day DEWESoft`s officers watched a graph with revenue growth and found that during the first seven years curve of growth was quite slow, but then went up steeply. DEWESoft took a lot of resources, time and effort for the success. They had to buy equipment, build infrastructure, strengthen the team and penetrate foreign markets. We saw that with our experience, knowledge, infrastructure, commercial and industrial communication we can effectively help innovators and young companies. So we decided to create Katapult.

We invite you to cooperation!

Send us a message via Mindfields, or an email to info@katapult.si or contact us via our website https://katapult.si.

Residents of Katapult:

Spacelink. http://www.spacelink.si/en/#


The development of the first space program of Slovenia.

Aereform. http://www.aereform.si

Aviation technologies.

Hangar Aviacija. https://www.startup.si/en-us/startup/300/hangar-aviacija

A cart intended for effectively move planes in hangars.

MonoDAQ. https://monodaq.com

Measuring devices.

Chipolo. https://eu.chipolo.net

Devices intended for not to lose anything.

QuickShoeLace. https://www.quickshoelace.com

Laces which do not need to be tied.

Tobiar. https://tobiar.com

A massage device for a wrist.

Hillstrike. http://hillstrike.com

Mountain ski-bike.

SOS Šola. http://www.sos-sola.si

A web-site which helps children to understand mathematics better.

Publications about Katapult: